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Extreme Difficult and Persistent workplace behaviours – Online Modular Programme 

The highly successful EDB Programme has been running for over ten years and received extensive praise. Building on this success we have now created four online modules covering all of the key components of the programme.

  • Each module is three hours in duration and delivered via Zoom
  • Maximum of 12 participants per session
  • Each programme includes course notes / workbook
  • A reflective journal as optional resources
  • Access to other online articles for reference

For further information on the programme please click here

EDB Module One – Introduction and Overview

Gives an understanding of what is extreme difficult behaviour and how it occurs, also an understanding of a range of difficult personality types and an overview of coping strategies for those directly facing or managing an EDB.

Date: Monday 23rd May 2022 (9.30am – 12.30pm)

Cost: £150 (inc VAT) per single module, or £240 (inc VAT) for Modules One & Two

EDB Module Two – Deeper understanding and applications

A look at case material highlighting common EDB behaviour and then using the Action Matrix, a model to help manage this type of behaviour from two strategic and three tactical positions to help organisations take back control.

Date: Tuesday 24th May 2022 (9.30am – 12.30pm)

Cost: £150 (inc VAT) per single module, or £240 (inc VAT) for Modules One & Two

EDB Online May 2022

EDB Module Three – Language patterns and the EDB checklist 

In this session we give participants the opportunity to apply skills and ideas developed from the first two modules. We will work through the EDB Checklist of 20 key indicators of this type of behaviour, address language patterns through video analysis and key communication skills when dealing with an EDB.

Date: TBC

Cost: £150 (inc VAT) per single module, or £240 (inc VAT) for Modules Three & Four

EDB Module Four – Broader Organisational Strategies and Self Care skills

This module will look at broader organisational strategies, the very thorny issue of senior level EDB’s (what if they are the boss or in a position of control!) and some self care skills to keep those trying to work with an EDB safe and sane. Some key skills to ensure people stay professional and do not do things that will make matters worse.

Date: Wednesday TBC

Cost: £150 (inc VAT) per single module, or £240 (inc VAT) for Modules Three & Four

CIM Module – Dealing with Controlling / Intimidating / Manipulative Personalities in the Workplace

An opportunity to look at skills to deal with an all too common issue. A brand new three hour online programme building on our EDB Programme. Using a range of new material / strategies and information. We will be looking at understanding and managing controlling, intimidating and manipulative personalities not only in staff but peers, senior staff and customers / service users. 

Two dates now available to book

Date: Monday 9th May 2022 (9.30am – 12.30pm)
Cost: £150 (inc VAT)


Date: Tuesday 10th May 2022 (1.30pm – 4.30pm)
Cost: £150 (inc VAT)