CPD Sessions & Events

We have a number of upcoming CPD events in our calendar.

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Time Perspective and Timeline applications in Therapy and Coaching 

Saturday 19th May 2018

Our understanding and perspective of Time and the different temporal settings we all operate in is highly influential in maintaining our outlook on life and good mental health. This unique workshop will look at two specific concepts and approaches to time as it relates to therapy and coaching.

Managing and understanding Compassion Fatigue and Secondary Trauma

Saturday 30th June 2018

Compassion fatigue and secondary  trauma are both real yet often ignored issues for therapists, coaches and mental health professionals. This workshop looks at what these terms actually mean and how we might help ourselves and others to manage these conditions. Especially ideal for therapists, coaches and supervisors in the mental health field.

Clinical and Coaching Applications of Mindfulness

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd September 2018

Developing Mindfulness practice and related philosophies to enable established mental health practitioners and HR / business coaches to utilise these key principles and techniques in a clinical therapeutic or coaching setting.