Corporate Training

Dealing with extreme persistent and difficult staff behaviour

Difficult staff behaviour is a growing problem for all Organisations. Problems develop within the workplace due to often extreme persistent and difficult staff behaviour at all levels.

This workshop is not purely about bullying or difficult behaviour but seeks to help staff and managers understand excessive persistent difficult behaviour from staff in the workplace and ways to handle it more effectively.

Understanding and Working with different Personality Types in the Workplace

Expanding on the highly popular EDB workshop this programme takes a broader look at the personality to help managers and HR professionals understand and work with a range of personality types to get the best from everyone we deal with in the working environment. 

Dealing with Persistent Complainants

In this world of ever increasing demands and targets coupled with an ever decreasing level of staff. Complaints from the public will increase and at times develop into Persistent Complainants who can, if allowed, simply clog up an already over stretched system or service. In this workshop, develop your understanding of this ever growing problem and look at ways to effectively handle Persistent Complainants.

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for the Modern Workplace

This presentation focuses on the development of key skills in emotional intelligence and the fast growing applications of mindfulness to help individuals and teams at all levels develop for both personal and organisational benefit. 

PIN Point communications – The Art of Effective Talking and Listening

  • Develop better understanding of how we process information
  • Define the different communication processes we all operate
  • Understand our personal sort styles and how they may differ to those we are communicating with and the problems this may cause
  • Develop understanding of some key principles of motivational interviewing and the ability to manage resistance in others
  • Utilising the “Columbo model of Communication” a fun but very relevant set of key communication principles
  • Applying these concepts in the workplace will benefit individuals, teams and of the organisation as a whole

Conflict, Confrontation and Difficult Behaviour

One of our most popular courses and sadly the most common problem facing us all in our day to day lives, learn the keys to understanding and handling conflict at many different levels, deal with this issue and improve quality of work and life.

Psychological First Aid for the Workplace

Life is stressful and demanding. It can be physically and more importantly mentally draining. Handling traumas,anxiety and stress is a vital skill, which everyone should embrace and develop to avoid further lives being ruined through psychological injury.

This programme can be of enormous help to everyone. Help avoid suffering potential psychological injuries by learning the simple and effective principles of psychological first aid.

Stress Management and Resilience

  • Defining resilience through positive psychology and emotional intelligence concepts.
  • Understanding the link to better performance through practice of these concepts.
  • Using Mindfulness and Positive Psychology concepts as a vehicle to greater psychological resilience and emotional balance.
  • Understanding the Science and the Art of these principles and developing them for individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

Highly Effective Skills for Working Teams

With the ever increasing push for better performance and productivity the need for teams to be effective and have the ability to work well together is vital. This course is not about getting everyone to like each other. It is about understanding the skills needed to make a team work effectively and efficiently, creating a better environment in which everyone benefits.

The Art of Effective Talking and Listening

A blend of understanding on how to listen and talk effectively. The art of good talking and listening skills do not come naturally to us: they are however skill that can be learnt and learnt well with simple and effective practice. This programme will help all aspects of your work and developing skills that few are taught yet everyone can learn. 


Why should you choose these training programmes?

  • Full support material available for all programmes
  • Programmes are adaptable to suit a wide range of situations.
  • Programmes are simple but detailed enough to give people the skills they need.
  • Programmes can be tailored to specific Organisational needs or run off the shelf.
  • Programmes are pitched to the level of the group to instil fast effective learning.
  • Each programme has a structured progression for all user levels.
  • Although other programmes follow similar paths, all have been enhanced by Martin’s considerable experience in the training field.