Understanding Personality Disorders and Types for Therapy and Coaching work, & Diagnosis / Intervention Strategies

Understanding Personality Disorders and Types for Therapy and Coaching work 

This first workshop will give a basic understanding of the various Personality Disorders together with a better understanding of key Personality Traits. It will help identify key personality and give better understanding why certain therapeutic / coaching approaches and interventions may not be working and how to better understand a client and the way they view the World. 

Key subject areas 

  • Defining Personality and Personality Disorders 
  • Understanding of the “BigFive” personality traits 
  • Greater awareness of the main Personality Disorders 
  • Why a degree of understanding can help your practice 
  • Understanding descriptive criteria for each disorder
  • Applying understanding gained through a number of case studies and reflective discussions

Date: Sunday 16th May 2021 (10.00 – 16.00)

Understanding Personality Disorders Diagnosis / Intervention Strategies

This second workshop will aim to compliment and further develop the ideas and information from day one of this programme and expand understanding around the complex subject of Personality Types and Disorders including deeper understanding of diagnosis and intervention strategies.

Key subject areas

  • Defining personality traits and types
  • Understanding the key principle of the single traits concept of excesses and deficiencies in PDs
  • Understanding background causes to Personality Disorders
  • Understanding key defence mechanisms used in each presenting Personality Disorder
  • Understanding of Treatment and Management Protocols
  • Traits and Language patterns in different Personality Disorders

Although this is the second module / day of this programme it is not essential that you that you have done the previous workshop as both have been designed to be done in either order.